SParrow-PICK Overview

The SParrow-PICK is a FREE evaluation version of SParrow with 3-months license validity. This version can be used to create simple signal capture IPs for use in bigger systems, along with the required driver code. The generated code-base, which includes the RTL and the C-code, can be used even beyond the tool evaluation period.

With this version, the users can also quickly set up a signal-capturing system using XILINX® Zynq AP-SOC based ZedBoard or ZC702 along with ADI’s AD9467-FMC HS-ADC board. By using this free version, the users can avoid spending several days or weeks of work in understanding the hardware integration/setup requirements of these AP-SOC/FPGA/ADC boards, painful rework of existing reference designs, developing all the required build TCL/Constraints/wrapper-RTL, interfacing of the hardware with software and lengthy board debug.


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This version enables the users to get a feel of how the Logosent SParrow products can help in accelerating DSP system development cycle. The IPs generated using SParrow can be easily integrated along with other 3rd party DSP blocks (like XILINX® LogiCORE™ IPs) on any ARM AMBA AXI4 based switch-fabric, using the standard AXI4-Lite programming and AXI4-Stream sample-stream interfaces.

The Driver and Algorithm codes generated by the tool have easy-to-use APIs that enable seamless integration into other applications if needed. The tool also provides an intuitive way for feeding the initialization of parameters (like FIR coefficients, control register values etc.) and the hardware initialization sequence, in a simple script format.

This is a representative version that includes the base-features of other versions of SParrow. However, this version does not include advanced DSP functions or system utility components like timer and schematic capture of Memory Mapped Registers, which are available in other versions of SParrow.

Stupeň vzrušení můžete zvýšit pomocí malé hry pro hraní rolí. Vezměte si erotické oblečení, ale bez nich se můžete obejít, hlavní věc se nejlevnější generika v roli. Například vy dva cizinci, kteří se setkali v baru, nebo zapnuli silnici a zastavili se a zeptejte se jízdy. Celá scéna může být vysazena předem a učinit z ní součást hry.

A ZedBoard-based Signal Capture and Processing System Schematic using SParrow-PICK


LEGAL: All the RTL and C code generated by SParrow tools are copyright protected. Additionally, patent applications also have been filed on certain techniques used in the code for achieving the functionality or performance. However, the users are free to use all SParrow-generated code as-is for commercial or academic purposes. Copying/re-engineering parts of the SParrow library components for building other components or similar tools is prohibited as per the EULA. If the users have any specific needs requiring customization or enhancements of the SParrow library components, they may contact Logosent for support


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