Our Service Offerings


Our Value Additions

We offer specialized system development and prototyping services leveraging our own products and internal tools, in order to significantly reduce the turn-around-time and also to ensure quality by virtue of correct-by-construction approaches. Our product-range covering various Signal Processing System Generation Tools and specialized DSP IPs itself is a testimonial for our capabilities.

The key value additions of our service offerings are:

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  1. Faster concept-to-deployment turn around
    • Typically 50% to 75% reduction in efforts (MMs), compared to conventional skilled-resource-based estimates.
    • Reduced number of iterations due to early model based validation and correct-by-construction integration approaches.
  2. High quality deliverables
    • We leverage our pre-verified leaf-library and integration tools for minimizing bugs and system level issues.
    • Our deliverables are typically validated using a three-stage process:
      1. MATLAB®/C modelling based feasibility analysis, as applicable.
      2. Detailed verification (RTL) through simulations and coverage analysis.
      3. Prototyping (depending up on feasibility) on hardware platforms like FPGA/AP-SOC.
    • Emphasis on ensuring portability and compatibility of our deliverables.
  3. Configurability of Systems
    • We offer (on demand) additional capabilities to easily tune/re-configure the systems that we deliver to our clients.
    • The configurability is usually achieved by including a customized version of our system generation tools along with our deliverables.
  4. Prototyping Platforms
    • We have several state-of-the-art equipment and boards in our lab for enabling real-time validations of DSP systems and IPs.
    • Such platforms include XILINX® AP-SOC/FPGA based development boards, HS-ADC/DAC boards, DSOs, function generators etc.


Supported Prototyping and Validation Platforms – Examples

Typical Test and Measurement setup


Typical RF Transmit and Receive System Prototyping and Validation setup