SParrow® for ADI Converters – An Introduction

  • SParrow® enables generation and deployment of FPGA reference designs for ADI Converters. Reference designs help bypass several months of efforts in implementing basic FPGA interfaces and software frame work for Prototype bring-up.
  • Reference designs include EVAL Board Interface RTL IPs, basic DSP RTL IPs, C++ Framework, C++ Drivers and complete build environment required for bring-up of Converter EVAL Boards paired with industry standard FPGA platforms.
  • SParrow® Tool makes the reference designs easily configurable and customizable to various prototyping requirements.
  • SParrow® provides off-the-shelf library of highly speed-optimized RTL algorithms and software drivers for developing base systems.
  • The RTL and C++ code generated by SParrow® are very readable and editable, so that the base system code can be easily ported to custom FPGA boards or modified to integrate user specific IPs for building larger systems.
  • SParrow® reference designs come with a prebuilt software framework for interfacing the FPGA board with a Host/PC through either Ethernet or Serial Interface.

SParrow® supported ADI Converters and FPGA Boards

Converter EVAL Board FPGA Prototyping Platforms
AD974x (8b, 10b, 12b, 14b, 210MSPS TxDAC) AD9744-FMC-EBZ, AD9744ACP-PCBZ XILINX® ZC706, AVNET® ZedBoard
AD9467 (16b, 250MSPS ADC) AD9767-FMC-250EBZ XILINX® ZC706, AVNET® ZedBoard