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How many engineers does it take to build an integrated DSP system ?

  • RTL developers for hardware implementations in FPGA or ASIC for high speed signal capture and processing.
  • Fixed-point algorithm developers for the software DSP functions that run in CPUs like ARM.
  • Software driver/firmware developers for hardware initialization, system control and peripheral interfaces.
  • System engineers for hardware-software integration, prototyping and application testing.

Implementing each one of the above using available solutions in the industry and then integrating them all to work coherently is no easy deal.


The Logosent SParrow© DSP System generation tools and libraries are uniquely positioned to enable one-person armies capable of handling all of the above in an integrated manner. With our innovative DSP system development platforms, DSP Concept-to-Deployment has become faster, more flexible and more affordable than ever before. Team Logosent is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we develop and deploy integrated DSP systems, in this era of connected Things and Cloud resources.


Try out the FREE SParrow© version and get a feel of the power of integrated system development. Check out how easy it is to deploy DSP algorithms using the SParrow© version that suits your needs, be it in custom SOCs or in affordable popular FPGA/AP-SOC prototyping platforms like the XILINX® Zynq based ZedBoard® and ZC702. Our support team is available round the clock to help you all the way.


Explore our differentiating DSP leaf-component libraries that offer a wide range of fully-configurable fully-verified high-performance DSP functions. In addition to a rich set of DSP components, our leaf-libraries also include an array of utility components like Timers, Pulse-Width-Modulation engines, Linear/Sinusoidal waveform sample generators and Drag-n-Drop Memory Mapped Registers* that are essential for complete system development.


We also provide a variety of off-the-shelf pre-validated DSP Systems and IPs that are bundled with customized SParrow© versions for easy configurability at user-end, in order to suite the end-application requirements. Leverage our specialized engineering services team to develop new customized solutions that suit your end-application requirements and achieve the best turn-around time.

*Patent pendinghttps://doebay.com/wp-content/pages/responsible-gambling-at-anonymous-casinos.html

Partner with us and accelerate your future!

Tony Thomas
(Founder and CEO)


Tony Thomas

On LinkedIn :  

Tony Thomas has more than 22 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. He founded Logosent Semiconductors in 2015, which focuses on the development of differentiated Programmable System Development Platforms and also on delivering specialized ASIC/FPGA services.

Prior to establishing Logosent Semiconductors, Tony worked in Texas Instruments (TI) for close to 17 years, owning/leading various high-performance DSP-Core, IP and SOC design projects, heading multiple design organizations in TI’s Texas and Bangalore R&D centres. During his tenure in TI, Tony led the design efforts of TI’s pioneering DaVinci® series and Sitara® series SOCs. He also headed the WW power-management and SOC Interconnect teams for TI’s Embedded Processors BU. Tony was also responsible for the development of several modules including custom ALU and CPU control functions for TI’s high-performance C6x architecture DSP cores.

Tony worked in the product development wings of Wipro R&D in Bangalore and NCR Corporation in South Carolina, before joining TI, covering domains including Intel multi-core server chip-sets and system-board development for Remote Access Servers and PCI RAID Controllers

Our Vision

  • visionTo be the industry leader in providing High Performance Scalable Computational Platforms and Components consisting of Hardware IPs and ASICs, Signal Processing Algorithms and Programmable System Development Tools.
  • visionTo become the Global Center of Excellence capable of delivering one-of-a-kind domain-expertize centric engineering services in the areas of Computational Systems Development/Prototyping and Digital Signal Processing oriented IP/ASIC development.
  • visionTo be the catalyst and trailblazers of engineering talent development efforts world-wide, committed to build unparalleled generations of innovators, well-equipped to redefine the future.