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Logosent SParrow – An Integrated DSP System development Platform

  • Fully automated integrated Software + Hardware DSP development.
  • Support for MATLAB® model generation.
  • A rich set of configurable Pre-Verified RTL and C fixed-point leaf-library components.
  • Automated hardware driver code generation, easily customizable by the user.
  • Support for industry standard platforms like ZedBoard, ZC702 etc. and ADC/DACs.
  • User-Friendly Programming Interfaces like Drag-n-Drop MMR registers, AXI4Lite etc.
  • Off-the-shelf high-performance tune-able algorithms like DDC, ASRC, RF-Envelope etc.


The Logosent SParrow is first of its kind in the industry, bringing integrated hardware and software development into a single code-generation platform. Various unique features like like:

  • * Seamless connectivity between hardware and software components in a single schematic
  • * Drag-n-drop Memory Mapped Registers for hardware control/monitoring (patent pending)
  • * Support for automated driver generation
  • * An intuitive GUI based system initialisation code generation
  • * Multi-target-platform support

and more make the SParrow the first choice for DSP system developers.

We are on the mission to bring System development with-in reach for all DSP System developers at affordable costs and faster than ever development cycle times.

Click on below link to learn more about the Logosent SParrow tools and libraries.


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